Mobile consultants

With special knowledge nationwide for you

Some of our branches have specialized as competence centers in certain areas. From occupational safety to metal cutting / measuring, climbing technology and welding technology to e-commerce / C-parts management, the right experts are available to answer any questions you may have. In addition, our mobile expert advisors from the competence centers are happy to come to you in order to advise you, on a nationwide basis. Individually and personally!

Do you have questions about a specific topic?
Then you are welcome to contact our centers of excellence!

Our mobile consultants at a glance:

Mobile consultants for occupational safety

Safety on wheels

With our safety motor vehicle, our specialists go on tour from our Rostock center for occupational health and safety to advise you on the subject of occupational safety. From recommendations for high-quality brands over sampling and expert customizations of hearing protection and work shoes to the creation of glove plans our experts are happy to assist you.

In addition, they also conduct in-house training sessions on occupational safety and health and safety to keep your employees up to date. Because when it comes to safety, we always play it safe!

Mobile expert advice for welding technology

No pain, no gain

Our service technicians from across the country set up our welding machines from Lübeck's competence center for welding technology in order to provide you with expert advice on welding technology. Whether it is about maintenance and repairs or the selection of welding and cutting equipment, protective clothing or other accessories - our mobile consultants are happy to support you with their expertise.

In addition, LERBS regularly organizes certified (basic) training courses and practical seminars on how to handle welding equipment and other accessories and, if required, will take over the legally required tests of your equipment. Because we always keep a cool head even with this hot topic!

Specialist advice for climbing technology

For the daily ups and downs

The center of excellence for climbing technology at our Goslar location is the basis for our mobile consultants for all types of ladders, stairs, scaffolding, railings, work platforms, platforms and more. From Goslar, these experts are on the road every day to advise you individually on site before planning and installing your climbing technology and to find the best solution - be it aluminum, steel, plastic or wood.

Even special constructions are realized quickly and cost-effectively - with modern production technologies and strict quality controls. Because we want to reach a high level with you!

Specialist advice for metal cutting and measuring

With us, you will get the hang of it

Whether it is drilling, turning, cutting, broaching, milling or grooving - our mobile specialist consultants from the center of excellence for metal cutting and measurement at the Wesel location will be pleased to come by and help you in theory and practice on site. From the high-performance workshop press to precision tool milling machines to high-quality metal saws, our specialists will provide you with expert advice on the selection process.

If you would like to experience the high-quality machines in action before buying them,   we would like to welcome you to our demonstration center for machining and measuring technology in Wesel. Because as it turns out - we have what it takes!

Specialist consultation for e-commerce and C-parts management

From small beginnings come great things

Always having all the necessary tools, spare parts and spare parts available if needed, is the basis of business success. That's why we offer you a variety of digital solutions that allow you to easily and quickly process your magazine, order and delivery processes with the click of a mouse or a scanner. In doing so, we not only keep an eye on your other suppliers and your warehouse, but also on the lean handling and optimal control of your procurement processes.

Our mobile consultants for e-commerce and C-parts management from the headquarters in Stur near Bremen will be pleased to advise you directly in your company, how to use our e-business applications, the administrative burden, the stress of procurement, the costly controlling and reduce the annoying paperwork. Because we like it uncomplicated!