Cost-saving consignment storage

The greatest possible security of supply guaranteed

With a warehouse tailored to your needs, close to you or even directly in your company, we guarantee you the highest possible security of supply. At the same time, you can remove the required goods as required - they will only be billed to you afterwards.

We also take over the regular filling of the warehouse for you, without you having to worry about reordering. This is how you use our many years of experience to further optimize your procurement processes and reduce your costs. Let us advise you!

The advantages of our consignment stock at a glance:

  • Already tested material that is available at any time in an agreed quantity
  • Highest security of supply through framework agreements with LERBS
  • Low processing costs due to calculation according to specified withdrawal conditions
  • Low capital commitment, since the material is only calculated after the removal
  • Separate procurement and logistics solutions