Service / Logistics

Special requests? Always welcome

The Lerbs team is at your disposal 24 hours a day for all kind of enquiries and requests. After all, it is of great importance to us that not the merchandise but a satisfied customer will come back to us. With this in mind, you will always receive competent and elaborate consultation from our staff – never mind if the enquiries are big or small, common or out of the ordinary.

To demonstrate how important your satisfaction is to us, you of course have a contact person at Lerbs for both on-site and off-site service. This ensures simple and permanent communication.

Due to the growing contact between the Lerbs employees and its clients, many special features and details need not be discussed. Thanks to years of cooperation we already know your requirements so well that we can develop the best solutions for you again and again and be quite flexible.

And if your request indeed is very special, you are always welcome to contact our trained specialists for each product range, who will give you optimal advice. And the after-sales service is a given with Lerbs. With product training, repairs and maintenance, and personal support after purchase, optimum handling with our products is guaranteed.