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When it comes to welding technology, safety at work and thus outstanding product quality are top priorities. From welding and cutting tools to soldering systems, torches, hose assemblies, welding accessories, welding wire and electrodes to extensive welding accessories, we offer over 8,000 quality products for safe, powerful and field-tested welding technology. High-quality protective equipment such as protective helmets or welding masks with innovative speed glass are also part of our program. For safety!

With the help of qualified experts from our welding technology center of excellence in Lübeck, you will find the best products from renowned manufacturers for your company. Such a lot of cool planning must be imperative in this hot business.

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Interesting facts about welding technology by LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen

Welding is one of the most important joining methods in trade and industry. Since welding involves high levels of heat and pressure, the highest quality and safety are required for welding technology products. With decades of experience as a complete supplier, LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen knows exactly what is important when selecting reliable welding technology.

Welding technology for all applications

Very different devices and technical accessories are required for different welding processes. Besides quality equipment and accessories for metal inert gas welding (MIG) and metal active gas welding (MAG) and   tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), LERBS also has high-quality products for cutting technology, autogenous technology, propane technology and soldering technology in the program and even complete system solutions for every requirement that can be flexibly adapted to your company.

From the large cutting unit and necessary spare parts to small special pliers, we deliver the complete specialist range from a single source. Added to this are all the necessary additional materials, such as welding wire, stick electrodes or solders as well as chemical products, such as glue or separating spray. We have whatever you need in the program!

In doing so, LERBS relies on well-known manufacturers for all welding equipment and all accessories to ensure your satisfaction. In our product range, you will find quality products by Format, Rehm, Trafimet, Abicor Binzel, Delikon, Harrus, Witt, Kayser, variofit, Weldas, Automa, Mosa, Teiwin, Tecna, Jokisch, Felder and other famous brands.

Security and occupational safety in focus

When welding and soldering, safety at work always comes first. In order to avoid accidents, injuries and damage, LERBS supplies not only high-quality welding equipment and suitable accessories, but also corresponding articles for extensive work and environmental protection. Whether it is welder protection plates, separation protection walls, protective curtains, heat protection, splash protection, filter systems, protective glass, welder gloves or welder clothing - with the high-quality protection products from the LERBS range of products, your employees are always safely protected and go home safe and sound in the evening.

In addition to this, LERBS AG in Stuhr near Bremen offers you many technical expert and safety inspections in the field of welding technology, in order to further increase the safety in your company and to meet the requirements of occupational health and safety.

Well advised: In the LERBS center of excellence for welding technology in Lübeck

In order to assist you in selecting the right welding technology for your individual purposes, our expert consultants at the welding technology center of excellence in Lübeck are always available to assist you personally on site or by telephone. Our mobile consultants for welding technology will be happy to come to your company for expert advice.