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Storage areas can never be big enough. With our tailor-made storage concepts  , we help you to additional storage space and offer you a variety of storage options for goods and products of all kinds. Whether it is pallet racks, long-span racks, special racks, stages or industry-specific accessories - for the perfect result, our experts will be happy to come to you to plan your project on site. With an eye for the essentials!

Using our system building blocks, we can assemble your warehouse and facility exactly to your requirements and seamlessly adapt the new design to all logistical systems. We will gladly look after the regular and legal examinations of your shelving systems, including documentation. Because our storage concepts should last for a long time.

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Interesting facts about warehouse technology of LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen

Warehouse technology is about the clear and secure storage and practical handling of goods, without which a smooth process in many companies would be impossible. The heart of each warehouse is a sophisticated storage facility. At LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen, you get a variety of shelving systems with accessories for every requirement, so that every handle fits.

Flexible shelving systems for small and large warehouses

Shelves for spare parts or warehouses must be flexible and robust. Because, the shelves must be adaptable to the needs of a company and must never collapse or tip over. Flexibility and quality are the top priority in warehouse technology. That is why LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen relies on Schulte Lagertechnik's world-class shelving systems.

Depending on the planned application, you can choose between different shelving systems. Particularly popular are plug-in systems and screw systems, which consist of modules that can be individually assembled as needed. Thanks to their variable depths, widths and payloads, they can be used for every requirement - whether it is a shelving rack, special shelf, kanban shelf or a small shelf. But we also have suitable system accessories such as drawer blocks, boxes, containers or ladders in our product range.

In addition to plug-in systems and screw systems, there are also other types of shelves: For example, our long span shelving is ideal for stowing heavy and bulky items safely. At LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen, long-span shelving is available for light, medium, heavy and highest loads. Pallet racks and cantilever racks usually have to withstand even higher loads and are also available as a comfortable modular system from LERBS. For special areas of use, there is also the option of using multi-level racking systems and system platforms.

Important when choosing: Special loads and field loads

Normally, the storage level load capacity and field loads are specified in case of shelves for warehousing. The term storage level load capacity refers to the maximum weight of the individual shelf. The storage level load capacity thus indicates the total weight that can be loaded on the corresponding shelf, if the weight is evenly distributed on the shelf. The term field load indicates the maximum weight that the entire storage rack may carry, without the weight of the shelf itself. It should be noted that the field load is not just the sum of the individual storage level load capacities. Depending on the material quality and processing, the storage level load capacity may be less than the sum of the storage level load capacities. The storage level load capacity should always be kept in mind, so that the shelf withstands the weight of the stored goods and does not collapse completely. Your contact person from LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen or in our many other branches will be pleased to advise you.