Our service is value-added

LERBS AG is a true complete supplier with a unique product range!

  • Over 150,000 items in 10 specialist catalogs and additional full range of equipment
  • Separate central warehouse with approx. 12,000 sqm and a large goods distribution center in Wuppertal
  • Two central warehouses and many national and international distribution centers
  • 24h delivery service, e.g. with UPS
  • Express / overnight service with delivery within 24 hours
  • Warehouse and shop in Bremen and Emden

LERBS AG offers you numerous additional services!

  • Individual special procurement
  • Software planning for factory equipment and storage systems
  • Financial services (leasing, fleet management Bosch)

LERBS AG ensures a nationwide personal consultation!

  • Competent consultants in the indoor and field service
  • Technical consultants in the field, including manufacturer support
  • Qualified application consultants in the areas of PPE, metal cutting, measuring technology, welding technology and machine tools

LERBS AG is trendsetting in e-commerce!

  • Free online shop solution with OCI interface
  • Data preparation and transfer
  • ERP connection
  • Modern scanner systems
  • Individual catalog solutions
  • Automatic Teller Dispensers / Dispensing Systems (SUP / UNITGUARD)

LERBS AG employs knowledgeable and competent people!

  • Fall Protection/safety barrier
  • Filter respirator equipment
  • Climbing technology
  • Shelf inspections

LERBS AG offers you competent usage advice for PPE!

  • Otoplastics (adapted hearing protection)
  • Prescription safety spectacles
  • Creation of gloves and hand safety concepts
  • Textile Labels / Corporate Identity
  • Foot measurements / footprint for orthopedic insoles

LERBS AG supports you with practice-oriented customer seminars!

  • Welding technology
  • Climbing technology
  • surface technology
  • E-commerce solutions

LERBS AG takes over your safety tests in the field of welding technology!

  • DGUV V3 electrical system and operational inspection according to BetrSichV, TRBS, DIN VDE 0701-0702DIN VDE 0544-4
  • Repeat tests of arc welding equipment
  • Checking of place of use templates (recoil protector)

LERBS AG offers you a repair and inspection service for various devices!

  • Repair and inspection of welding equipment, lifting gear, lifting gear, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, aggregates, pneumatic and electric tools
  • mandatory tests for ladders, scaffolding and shelves
  • Testing of torque wrenches
  • Sharpening service

LERBS AG simplifies your logistics!

  • Warehouse outsourcing
  • Warehouse management systems
  • Shelf systems
  • Consignment stores