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Successful companies rightly place particularly high demands on their work tools. With us, you therefore receive only high-quality hand-held power tools that meet all current standards and regulations and have proven themselves. This makes a lot of work much easier to do by hand. Precise and reliable!

Whether it is heaters, dehumidifiers, garden or cleaning technology, compressed air and pump technology or metrological solutions - you will find a large selection of efficient devices here that are characterized by the latest technology. With our grinding tools, the selection of cutting and grinding discs ranges from grinding mop discs, wheels and pins to fiber discs. That's how we put the finishing touches to your work.

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Interesting facts about power tools by LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen

Power tools include all tools with electric drive, and there are power tools both with power operation and with battery operation. High-quality power tools from well-known manufacturers, such as those available from LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen, facilitate the work significantly and also ensure greater safety and clean work results - whether in trade or in the industry.

Power tools for all applications

When talking about power tools, hand-held power tools, such as drills, caulking hammers, angle grinders or percussion drills are usually assumed. The large range of power tools at LERBS AG also covers completely different areas.

Burnishing machines, band files, fillet weld grinders, pipe belt grinders and polishers are used while processing stainless steel, while in general grinding technology, there are belt grinders, disc grinders, cylindrical grinding machines or other grinding machines. Greatest possible safety, highest precision and comfortable ergonomics play an important role, so that the work result is really true and your employees can carry out all jobs safely and comfortably.

When it comes to gardening, LERBS supports you with high-quality gardening equipment such as hedge trimmers, chainsaws, lawnmowers and blowers, and careful cleaning around the company with practical cleaning equipment such as high-pressure cleaners, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, sweepers or scrubber driers. So quick and reliable, these works have not yet been done by hand!

In pump technology, LERBS offers drainage pumps, submersible pumps or domestic waterworks in its program, while in wooden machines, chop and miter saws, table saws, band saws and extraction systems make everyday work easier. But even compressed air technology such as compressors, refrigeration dryers, balancers, spray guns or tire inflation meters or intelligent measuring technology such as inspection cameras, rotating lasers or protractors are available by LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen. All of our premium power tools comply with common standards and regulations and have proven themselves in practice.

Power tool brands with the best quality

Power tools must be robust and durable in order to cope with the high demands of the changeable everyday work of crafts and industry. Therefore, it always makes sense to pay attention to particularly high quality. LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen relies on well-known manufacturers, that convince you not only using high product quality, but also through consistent delivery quality, high cost certainty and long warranty periods.

At LERBS you will find many high-quality power tools from Bosch, Makita, Metabo, Fein, Forma, Trumpf, Novus, Steinel, Schneider Airsystems, Red Rooster, Hazet, Toku and Kärcher. In doing so, we attach great importance to keeping up with the times and always presenting you the latest state of the art in our annually new catalog.