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Protection of your employees is important to us. Hence we provide you with all the work clothes that your workforce needs during their daily work. From head to toe, we dress your employees in high-quality branded goods - including head, ear and hand protection, work shoes, safety systems and work safety articles for the offshore sector. You will be advised by our expert consultants from the center of excellence for occupational safety at the Rostock site at any time. We’ll be there for you onsite!

Our special tip: Opt for image clothing and patch the name of your company, company logo, company slogan, or employee name onto the clothing. We will be happy to take care of this for you. Because reputation means much more than just hollow words.

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Interesting facts about occupational safety of LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen

Occupational safety or health protection includes all measures, means and methods to protect workers from work-related safety and health hazards. Since we, as a traditional company, are aware of this great responsibility, the occupational health and safety articles for the LERBS AG range in Stuhr near Bremen are chosen with particular care.

Occupational health and safety from head to toe

Occupational health and safety is not only about avoiding accidents at work, but also about reducing their consequences and protection of health by preventing hazards caused by hazardous substances, noise, dust, etc. In Germany, occupational safety and health is regulated by various laws. These include, for example, the Occupational Health and Safety at Work Act with its regulations (Workplace Ordinance, Building Site Ordinance, Biological Agents Ordinance, Hazardous Substance Ordinance, etc.), or the Occupational Health and Safety at Work Act of the statutory accident insurance.

In order to meet the requirements of occupational safety and health and to maintain the health of your employees, LERBS offers you a variety of high-quality items: Protective headgear, right from protective helmets and goggles to ear protection, respiratory masks and filters, gloves for various uses, workwear, weatherproof clothing, PPE-clothing, right from welder clothing to forestry protection, safety and special shoes, as well as first aid products and fall protection.

Whether in the workshop, in the laboratory, in the doctor's office or in the kitchen - high-quality work clothing is important in all workplaces. At LERBS, we rely on well-known manufacturers whose quality you can count on. In our program, you will therefore find branded products from Voss Helme, Format, 3M, Ansell, Honeywell, Weldas, Jutec, BP, FHB, Kübler, Planam, James & Nicholson, Kneetec and Thinsulate. But we also have items by Helly Hansen, Rofa, Dupont, Asatex, Dunlop, Elten, Söhngen, Cederroth, Gebra, PGP and other well-known manufacturers in the program.

Our service: Protective clothing with your company logo

As a special service, LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen offers to patch your work clothes with your company logo or company name before delivery. This ensures a consistent appearance and a better team spirit. In addition, the names of your employees can be patched on the work clothes in order to avoid confusion of the garments and to tell the customer in the customer service at first glance the name of his contact person.

Well advised: In the LERBS center of excellence for occupational safety in Rostock

To assist you in selecting the right occupational health and safety items, our expert consultants at the center of excellence for occupational safety and health at the Rostock location are always available to assist you personally or by telephone. But with our occupational safety mobile feature, our expert advisors will also be happy to come directly to your company.