Non-ferrous metals

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Worldwide, non-ferrous metals and plastics account for an increasing share of industrial raw material requirements. Our basic program is CuSn7Zn4Pb7-C-GC Gunmetal, a material with good sliding and emergency running properties, and CuSn12-C-GC Bronze, a tough material with good wear-and-tear resistance.

Here we stock sockets up to an outside diameter of 404 mm, round, square, flat and hexagonal bars.

Our in-house cutting service ensures a copy according to your needs. Millimeter precision!

Whether it is special parts or entire assemblies besides the standard - even when it comes to particularly complex tasks, we take over the precise made-to-order production or small series in first-class product quality for you. Because we always place our high standards on the gold scale.

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Interesting facts about non-ferrous metals by LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen

Non-ferrous metals or non-ferrous metals, along with high-grade plastics, make up a growing proportion of raw materials for the industry. Important non-ferrous metals include copper, bronze and brass. LERBS AG in Stuhr near Bremen provides you with non-ferrous metals of all kinds and in any form - exactly suited to your individual requirements and wishes.

Non-ferrous metals for many uses

Non-ferrous metals originate from natural sources on the earth and are widely used. For example, non-ferrous metals are used for castings, as construction materials, as electrical conductors, as bearing materials for vehicle engines, electric motors and ship propulsion systems, as a coating material for corrosion protection or for power storage  in accumulators or car batteries. These materials are used in both trade as well as in the industry, and the majority of non-ferrous metals is used in the industry.

Non-ferrous metals and their alloys have many unique properties that make them ideal for a variety of applications, making them very valuable to the industry. They have good alloying capacity and excellent pourability, low weight and high conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance and considerable wear resistance, which may vary depending on the non-ferrous metal types.

At LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen you will receive brass, special brass, tin bronze, aluminum bronze, copper alloys, cast tin bronze, red brass, lead bronze, silver steel and gray cast iron as well as high-quality plastics such as acrylic glass, polyamide or polycarbonate. Whether it is brass for metal cutting, special brass with particularly high strength, tin bronze with excellent corrosion resistance, aluminum bronze with first-class acid resistance, copper alloys with pronounced temperature resistance, toughened red brass, soft lead bronze or fine grained gray cast iron - we guarantee to find you something.

Non-ferrous metals according to your individual wishes

Even if you need non-ferrous metals in a very special form for your company, we are the right partner for you. With non-ferrous metals, your individual requirements are our benchmark. Whether it is finished products, cutting service or production according to drawing in small, medium and large series - we make everything possible. Thanks to our precise automatic saws at our headquarters in Stuhr near Bremen, we can quickly cut profiles and bars for you according to your specifications and provide you with non-ferrous metal cuts in large quantities or as individual deliveries. In cooperation with certified specialist companies, we also produce finished parts for you from our high-quality material according to drawings.

Even if you can not find what you are looking for in our wide range, our experts in Stuhr near Bremen or in our many other branches from Rostock to Ulm are always looking for a suitable solution for your needs.