Maritime Equipment

Our business catalog no. 2: More than sailor’s yarn

Originally started as a ship supplier in Bremen, we are now a reliable partner of shipyards and shipping companies, as a full-service supplier. With our many years of know-how, we not only supply ships and crews with products for the deck, pantry and engine areas, but also household goods, sports equipment and toiletries. We supply to ships worldwide - around the clock, 365 days a year. We provide reliable support to the crew in terms of procurement, storage and delivery so that sailors feel at home on the oceans. Any time!

In addition, the shipping industry relies on our compact pneumatic hoists, which can be used flexibly in many areas. So with our complete specialist range, you always have enough water beneath the keel.

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Maritime Equipment
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Interesting facts about maritime equipment by LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen

At sea, every kind of equipment and technology faces special challenges. Because quicker replacement is impossible if the ship is on high seas or in a foreign port. Founded almost 70 years ago as a maritime supplier, LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen knows exactly what is important: high quality and a wide range of items that are reliably and quickly delivered from one source to the shipyard or the port.

Maritime equipment from A to Z

For a ship to travel safely and make the crew feel at home, many things need to be considered. Whether it is tools, recreational items, household goods, office supplies, nautical equipment, flags, work clothes, fastening technology, cleaning products, rigging or deck supplies - a complete supplier like LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen supplies a ship with all items from head to toe, right from port and starboard, to everything that anyone would need.

For instance, twist drills, dies, burrs, hole saws, compasses, calipers, tape measures, angles and scales are needed to undertake repair work on board. But even office supplies such as envelopes, pens and stamps or tools such as socket wrenches, open-end wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, saws, ladders and carts make work on board easier.

We make the spare time of the crew more pleasant with gym equipment, dumbbells, training clothes, games, smoking equipment, cosmetics and televisions, as well as work clothes, kitchen accessories, Christmas decorations, fly swatters and vacuum cleaners, for more convenience on board.

Symbols and safety signs, shackles, chains and safety hooks ensure greater safety, with typical deck accessories such as gangway nets, sailing needles, ball fenders or oil suction suits, completing the LERBS Group ship equipment range in Stuhr near Bremen.

Why maritime equipment is a matter of trust

Due to wind and weather, ships and their equipment are exposed to great uncertainties and have to endure a lot. You cannot just go to the next store on the high seas to buy a new product and repairs are often difficult on the microcosm ship. Health and life often depend on a ship, because of which one relies unconditionally on the ship’s equipment.

One is well advised as to who benefits from the extensive experience of a long-standing ship’s supplier. At LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen, the articles are selected not only with care and with a view to the highest quality, but usually all items are also kept in stock for quick shipping. The ship's equipment is reliably and quickly delivered from one single source to the destination - whether it is to the Port of Hamburg, to the Baltic Sea ports of Rostock and Lübeck, to the North Sea ports Emden and Bremerhaven, directly to the shipyard or anywhere in the world. So that it may soon be: Cast away!