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Our business catalog no. 11: Full power ahead

In order not to jeopardize production processes, you must always be able to rely on machine tools.  That is why we only include first-class machine technology from well-known manufacturers in our product range. Whether turning, milling, drilling, bending or cutting - here, you will exactly find the machine tool that suits your needs. As an additional service we offer not only the sale of new machines but also restoration, repairs and training. Professional and reliable!

In addition, in our showroom in Wesel you have the opportunity to experience many machines live in order to convince yourself of the quality and performance. Our consultants will be happy to advise you on individual application cases. So that your company can continue to gain momentum.

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Interesting facts about machine tools by LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen

Machine tools are used to make workpieces that are needed for the construction of other machines and plants. Reliability and precision are therefore the most important features of machine tools, so that the finished workpieces also meet the specified requirements. For optimum manufacturing accuracy, LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen has many high-quality machine tools of well-known brands in its program.

Modern machine tools for companies of tomorrow

With machine tools, the movement of the tools is precisely predetermined by the machine tool, so that each manufacturing process requires close attention to select the right machine tool.  The machine technology is progressing steadily.

In order to be able to machine a workpiece exactly to specific specifications, a machine tool must be particularly easy and precisely adjustable. Therefore, LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen works in the field of machine tools together with brand manufacturers such as Fagima, Ezset, Haimer, Hardinge, Brdgeport, Kesel, Weiler, Huvema, Unitech, Alzmetall, Maxion, Meba, Berg & Schmid Sawetechnik, Ridgid, Rems, Fein and Klaeger together, who promise particularly high product quality.

At LERBS, you will find machine tools for   turning, milling, drilling, bending and cutting. Whether you are interested in a milling center or lathes or for a tool presetter, shrinking machines, balancing systems, clamping systems, a bench drill, bending machines, automatic saws or a grinding machine - LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen guarantees the right machine technology for your needs in the extensive program. There are many machines available in different designs, so you do not have to compromise. The purchase of a new machine tool should be well planned. The experts from LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen will be pleased to advise you to find exactly the right device for your individual requirements together with you.

Sophisticated goods issue system for e-commerce and C-parts management

In addition to the machine tools for turning, milling, drilling, bending or cutting, you will also find the automatic material delivery system Supplix at LERBS in the catalog for machine technology, with self-monitoring goods issue, automatic orders and detailed reporting, but also with a great deal of flexibility thanks to freely selectable drawers and compartments, volume cabinets, external warehouses and optional scanner connection. The Supplix software makes the dispensers ideal for process optimization through e-commerce and C-parts management.

Experience machine technology live: In our showroom in Wesel

In order to make it easier for you to select the right machine tools, you can experience many up-to-date quality devices live in action in our showroom in our Wesel branch and receive expert advice from our local experts.