Fastening technology

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Whatever you need to connect permanently, we have the right fastening technology ready for you: Whether it is chains, wire nails, shackles, blind rivets, locks, screws, locking and spring washers, nuts, cylindrical pins, shims or adhesives and sealants - with us, things that belong together, will come together. Tailor-made!

In our extensive range, you will find the most common standard parts, grades, materials and standard products in all sizes ranging from M1 to M160, as well as drawing-bound parts - and all this right from the smallest quantity to pallet goods. In doing so, we act very flexibly and, if necessary, also take care of custom-made products according to your wishes or your complete C-parts management. We guarantee that no screw will stay loose.

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Interesting facts about the fastening technology by LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen

Bolts, dowels, screws or rivets - neither the industry nor trade can do without a first-class fastening technology. From high-performance anchors to blind rivet nuts, hexagonal bolts and   connecting sleeves, LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen offers you all types of standardized and non-standardized fastening technology from a single source.

Fastening technology for trade and industry

Fasteners such as screws or rivets are used everywhere in trade as well as in the industry. For example, masonry screws or bolts are used for construction, and gas concrete dowels, cavity dowels or raw bolts are indispensable. In the industry, however, fastening technology has very different requirements, because the screws, rivets and other fasteners often have to be smaller, while withstanding much greater tensile loads. A wide range of fasteners for all purposes can be found at LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen.

Professional selection of the right fastening technology

As opposed to welding technology, the material does not change for fastening technology, but it is connected with another material or product. As a result, it is particularly important to customize the fastening technology exactly to the project and the materials involved. Also, a suitable tool is a must for the fastening technology, so that the various connected elements actually hold together. At LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen, not only is there a large range of non-standardized fastening elements, right from distance bolts to cylinder tapping screws, but also a huge range of standard parts.

Standardized parts are described in one standard in detail, so that they are almost identical and interchangeable. Typical standardized parts are, for instance, screws, nuts, washers, rivets, bolts, split pins, pins, rings, springs and threaded rods.

At LERBS, there are standardized parts for various requirements and applications, such as circlips, spring washers and collars or hexagonal head screws, pan head screws and ring bolts. Also, different materials are often available. For example at LERBS AG, there are stud bolts with specific DIN standards in steel as well as in stainless steel or a DIN-threaded rod optionally in steel, stainless steel, brass and plastic. Thus, at LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen, the right standardized part can always be selected for the intended area of use. We provide supplies right down to the minutest detail!

Good to know: Intelligent C-parts management with LERBS

In order to make the procurement of fastening technology even more effective and cost-effective, LERBS offers automated C-parts management with its Supplix brand. Let us convince you how effective process optimization can be!