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The more functional the workplace, the more efficient the work! Right from office equipment, clocking-in machines to common room furnishings, we provide everything you need to make your daily work routine as safe and comfortable as possible. At the same time, our factory equipment fulfills all desires in terms of ergonomics, function, quality and design. We also equip your warehouse for smooth workflows with sophisticated shelving systems, ladders, transport containers and much more. Practical and clear!

Whether you need environmentally-friendly waste containers and safety cabinets for working with hazardous substances, heavy lifting and transport equipment, flexible packing station systems, attractive adhesives and sealants or special brand products for cleanliness and hygiene - we set up everything.

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Interesting facts about factory equipment of LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen

Whether it is for the office, workshop, production hall or warehouse - furnishing for a company has to fulfill requirements that are different than furniture in a home. More important than the design is the perfect functionality and robust workmanship, so that the device can withstand daily challenges - just like the factory equipment in the range of products by LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen.

Everything a company needs for smooth operation

When talking about factory equipment, not only is office furniture such as swivel chairs or desks in demand. But the factory equipment must be right, especially in the workshop area. Well-thought-out workbenches, worktables and workshop trolleys make work easier to handle, while counter and drawer cabinets, drawer cabinets, heavy duty cabinets and multifunctional cabinets are available for sensible stowage of materials and work equipment.

Lockers, cloakroom lockers and lock boxes also make it easy to get started at day-to-day work, while welding curtains, protective screens, extraction systems, machine guards or fire extinguishers ensure greater safety. Even flagpoles, multi-purpose canopies, smoking shelters and bicycle stands belong to the complete range of products by LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen.

Storage and transport made easy

And what would a company without sufficient storage facilities be? Adaptable storage systems for every need, wide span shelving, pallet racks and cantilever racks, as well as storage platforms, organizing systems, large cabinets, trolleys, transport boxes and other containers of all types and sizes make things more systematic in countless warehouses, right from Bremen to Würzburg. Ladders, scaffolding and podiums then help to reach everything comfortably.

For transport on the company premises, LERBS AG offers you a variety of carts and scooters, magazine trolleys, pallet trucks and many other transport equipments, as well as pulleys or presses for every need. The LERBS range of products is supplemented by a wide range of accessories, from adhesive tape to special cleaning agents.

Particularly important: Environmental protection

Above all, when dealing with hazardous substances in a company, safety is paramount. And this requirement must be borne in mind at the facility. That is why LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen also offers a large range of environmental protection items, such as safety tanks, drip pans, hazardous material depots, grease lubricators, hazardous material workstations, recyclables collectors and more. Of course only in the highest quality - for the sake of the environment!

Strong brands for high quality equipment

Safety and ergonomics - these are the key features that make up a good facility. That is why LERBS AG in Stuhr near Bremen relies on branded products from well-known manufacturers when it comes to their program for factory equipment. For example, at LERBS you will find high-quality products by Anke, CP, Lista Schließsysteme, Thurmetall, Stumpf, Coba, Meta Lagersysteme, Schulte Lagertechnik, Günzburger Steigtechnik and Zarges, but also by Fetra Transportgeräte, variofit Transportgeräte, Yale Pfaff, Safe Umwelt-Lagertechnik , VAR, magnetoplan and Premium format. In short: LERBS stands for quality products that you can always rely on in everyday operations.