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If you want to go high, you can count on safety! That is why you can always rely on the highest quality in our climbing technology solutions made of aluminum, steel, plastic or wood. Whether it is rung and step ladders, platform and ladders, scaffolding and railings, work platforms, fall protection, staircases, catwalk systems or extendable platforms - we deliver elements for every structural engineering design. Multifunction ladders, rescue platforms, hose baskets, rope ladders, ladders, fire service equipment boxes, hook ladders, folding ladders and hose bridges for the fire service complete our range. Better safe than sorry!

Our specialists in the center of excellence for climbing technology in Goslar will gladly advise you and, if you wish, will also develop tailor-made individual solutions for you. Because we are always at your side in the daily ups and downs.

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Interesting facts about climbing technology by LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen

Whether in the warehouse, in production or in manual work - ladders and other climbing technology are an integral part of our working life. All climbing technology must be stable and safe to allow comfortable working and avoid accidents at work. LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen therefore relies entirely on the Günzburger Steigtechnik brand with its long-term quality guarantee!

Ladders, platforms, scaffolding and more

If you want to go high, you need climbing technology that is exactly adapted to your work situation. For example, a picker in a multi-level warehouse needs a different climbing technology solution than a craftsman who wants to paint a wall. And even then, the requirements for ladders and scaffolding can differ significantly depending on the type of product or type of storage. Whether it is a ladder, a step ladder, a laying ladder or even an industrial platform is the right solution depends on the particular area of application.

In order to meet even the highest demands, LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen therefore supplies climbing technology for every need: From classic rung ladders and ladders made of aluminum, wooden ladders, plastic ladders, shelf ladders and platform ladders over special work platforms, steps, stairs, overpasses and walkways to single-stile ladders and fixed ladders. Even in terms of climbing protection, roof scaffolding, fireside framework, folding scaffolds, roller scaffolds, ladder stages and shaft technology, as a complete supplier, we offer you the complete specialist range. The climbing technology range is completed with special products such as tanker ladders, roof ladders or glass cleaner ladders and, of course, extensive accessories.

The right climbing technology solution for your individual requirements

Whether mobile, suspended, rotatable, sideways movable or walkable on both sides - there are no limits to your wishes when it comes to high-quality and individual climbing solutions. Many climbing technology solutions are modular in design and can be adapted exactly to your requirements. Also, many different sizes and lengths are available to make working at dizzy heights as safe as possible. Because according to Industrial Safety Regulation (BetrSichV), for example, ladders may only be boarded up to the fourth-highest level / rung, mountable stepladders only up to the third-highest level / rung and stepladders with attached extension ladder only up to the fifth-highest / rung. It is therefore particularly important to find the right ladder for your own requirements - and to implement it particularly easily with LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen.

Well advised: In the LERBS center of excellence for climbing technology in Goslar

In order to find the optimum climbing technology solution for your individual requirements, you can ask our specialist consultants in the center of excellence for climbing technology in Goslar personally or by phone. Our mobile consultants will be pleased to come by in person to advise you on site in your company.