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E-commerce and C-parts management with supplix

E-Commerce - Process optimization made easy

In order to remain competitive, electronic process optimization is becoming increasingly important. Modern e-business is no longer limited to ordering goods online. But it is important to streamline your purchasing, administration and production processes with a holistic view and thereby gain new resources.

With the brand Supplix, LERBS AG provides you with a complete e-commerce solution:

  • Purchase: The core of the Supplix concept is the SUPPLIX-SHOP. With this shop system, we offer a comprehensive software to cover all forms of electronic procurement.
  • Manage: With the SupplixMAG software or the SupplixETT dispenser, you can control your inventory, manage your warehouse, create new items and locations, monitor items, print barcode labels, and more.
  • Scan: To round off the e-business concept, we also offer scanners for the Supplix program. SupplixSCAN is a mature software with associated drivers. Handy scanners Optionally, handy scanners can also be added.
  • Add suppliers: With the fee-based option SupplixPLUS, you have the option of including additional suppliers in the Supplix system quite easily. The big plus: There is no restriction for the choice of your desired suppliers.
  • Further services: In addition to competent advice, we also offer employee training and product data in many formats, such as: BMEcat, XML, eclass, proficlass, or UNSPSC. You can also connect to your merchandise management, electronic shipping notifications or special solutions such as consignment warehouses.


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C-parts management - always in the right place

C-parts are low-value products or components that play a subordinate role in a value-adding end product, but have a relatively high procurement cost relative to purchasing volume.

The intelligent Supplix solutions by LERBS provide effective C-part management, saving over 50% in process costs.

When C-parts management pays off for you

  • You work with many providers or suppliers
  • You have many customers or buyers in the house
  • The proportion of small orders is very big
  • You need many strategically less important goods
  • The price level or the value of the goods is very low
  • The process costs are very high

How the intelligent C-parts management works

Easily manage your C-parts from your magazine or tool output with SUPPLIX software or Supplix vending machines. For this purpose, we also offer scanner solutions with direct import into the Supplix Shop or with automatic procurement / reordering via the Internet via the automatic dispenser. At the same time, several suppliers can be added to the system as desired. The goal is to provide your company with the necessary C-parts efficiently.

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Interesting facts about the C-parts management of LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen

Getting established as a company on the market is becoming more and more of a challenge. Above all, process optimization has a major impact on a company's competitiveness - whether in Bremen or Hamburg. The focus of process optimization today is above all the C-parts management, since this offers great savings potential.

C-parts as part of the ABC analysis

The term C-parts comes from the ABC analysis and refers to products that have a low value of goods and are not the most important parts for the production, but at the same time constitute a large amount and ensure the functioning of the company. Examples of C-parts are screws, lubricants, office consumables, workwear, etc.

C-parts are therefore usually the largest item in the procurement process, even though they have the lowest value. In terms of procurement, they also cause the greatest amount of work, since demand determination, order process, goods receipt, distribution, etc. are generally similar for A, B and C parts, especially if different suppliers are commissioned for C parts delivery.

The aim of C-parts management is to optimize the procurement processes for these articles and to improve their handling within the production process. In short: With the C-parts management of LERBS AG with locations from Bremen to Würzburg you save time and money!

C-parts management in procurement

In order to reduce the procurement costs for C-parts in C-parts management, the procurement steps should be reduced and orders bundled as much as possible by using only a few suppliers with a wide product range. With full-featured equipment like LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen you get e.g. many C-parts from a single source. This reduces costs and frees up capacity for more important tasks.

The e-commerce solution Supplix from LERBS, which digitizes and automates C-parts management, is particularly time and cost-saving. A connection to the merchandise management system or a company-owned portal, electronic delivery announcements and invoices or consignment warehouse solutions can complement C-parts management in the area of procurement and additionally reduce costs.

C-parts management in production

Another important goal of C-parts management is to optimize the handling of C-parts. For this purpose, electronic material dispensing systems, dispensing machines or tool containers can be used, which are directly equipped by the supplier, such as from full-featured equipment like LERBS in Stuhr near Bremen.

Warehousing and reordering are fully automated, so the company does not have to worry about anything. Tools, fastening technology or occupational safety articles can be removed by the production staff as needed, with it being possible to check the removal at any time. Since so-called eProcurement, which is also known as e-procurement or e-sourcing, means that the order processes are automated, your administrative effort is also reduced.