Set sail with all the trimmings

Catalogue 2: Ship supply

We have been a competent partner for shipyards and shipping companies for around 65 years. Using our extensive know-how, we supply vessels and their crews with products for deck, pantry and engine stores, but also with cabin items, provisions and toiletries. We can deliver various items to make sailors feel at home on the world's oceans.

Naturally we supply and service ships worldwide. Round the clock. 365 days a year. Reliably and fast. After all, there are always things that need to be replaced or supplemented when ships are far from ports. We support crews in procurement, storage and supply. And all this with high-quality products.

The shipping industry also relies on our compressed air hoists, as these can be deployed flexibly, reliably and quickly in many areas thanks to their robust and compact design. This ensures that ships can "cast off" again as soon as possible: because every day without deep water under the keel is a day lost.

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